The Grob's Team

Here you can see Grob's Team. If you are fan (or fanatic...hihi) of Grob's Attack and if you would like to contribute to this site please send me your games and details of you and you can also become member !


Name: IM Henry Grob

(1904 - 1974)

Country: Switzerland



Honorary member 

frank.jpg (11349 bytes)

Name: Frank Brokes

Email: franbrok(at)

Country: Czech Republic

ICQ: 190295854 

(ICQ I havenī t recently used)

I have been playing chess for lot of years and recently have not been satisfied with my opening repertoire. During trying lot of openings for couple of months ago I found 1.g4 ! was really surprised how perfect opening it is and immediately fell in love with it !.......

? Here can be your name ?



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