Gambits are perfect way how to destroy today's very stereotyped chess games. To be honour I am very bored to play still again "certain" defences as example Sicilian etc are. Richard Teichmann said  "Chess is 99% tactics" and in gambits this quote is much more usable then anywhere else. A gambit is a sacrifice of a pawn or two to gain some return - quicker development, greater command of the centre, and especially it is big surprise for your opponent. He is prepared with "his certain defence" but at once he must be confronted with your gambit ??!! Wow... not good start in game for him. The Grob's Attack is quite extraordinary opening but has a long history. Very popular in the beginning 20th century, in the past this "weapon" used so famous players as it was GM Paul Keres ! The most important boom for this opening was done by IM Henry Grob who using this opening cleared out most of doubts that move 1.g4 is out of chess "understanding". Also another players as was Claude Bloodgood use it with very good results. Recently Grob's Attack was used by for example IM Sasha Belezky, GM Ruslan Irzhamov.   Grob's Attack is perfect weapon because as a white you will be at all the time better prepared (remember that black can not avoid it). White intends to make a press in the long diagonal of light squares with threatening to launch a Kingsides' pawn press.In spite of it that move 1.g4 looks for the first look very odd this opening has behind very deep idea. It consists of everything needed. Shocking effects for black, lot of tactic and strategy. Simply good prepared white has big advantage to reach victory. I believe that Grob's Attack will give you lot of interesting experiences on your chess way.

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