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1. White to move will find very easy way how to win.

2. Black is under fatal attack, will you find deadly move?

Solution Solution ...































Diagram no.1

I think that everybody are able to find very easy victory when game started 1.g4 d5 2.h3 e5 3.d4 e4 4.Bg2 Bd6 5.c4 c6 6.Nc3 Ne7 7.g5 Be6 8.Qb3 Qd7 9.c5 Bxc5 10.dxc5 Qc7.......(diagram)  and white moved correctly 11.Sf4 ! Qc8 12.Qa3 Nd7 13.f3 exf3 14.Nxf3 Nf5 15.e4 dxe4 16.Nxe4 0-0 17.0-0-0 Re8 18.Nd4 Nxd4 19.Rxd4 1-0 (Walther M.(GER) - Grant B.(SCO), 1995)

Diagram no.2

An excellent attacking game shows us 1.g4 d5 2.e3 c5 3.d4 cxd4 4.exd4 Nf6 5.g5 Ne4 6.Nf3 e6 7.Be3 Bb4+ 8.Nbd2 0-0 9.c3 Be7 10.Qc2 Nd6 11.Bd3 g6 12.h4 Nf5 13.0-0-0 Qa5 14.h5 Qxa2 15.Rh3 Nd7 16.Rdh1 Re8 17.hxg6 Nf8 18.gxf7+ Kxf7 19.Ne5+ Kg7 20.Qd1 Bd6 where last couple of moves are 21.Rxh7+ Nxh7 22.Rxh7+ Kxh7 23.Qh5+ Kg7 24.Qf7+ 1-0 (Bulla,Peter - Barrientos,E, Bratislava open 1993)

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