The World of Grob's Attack (A00) 1.g4 !

Content of this site


Introduction of Grob's Attack


Theory, ideas......etc.....

Tactic and Strategy

Combinations and strategy situations of Grob's Attack


More then 6000 games in Chessbase format

PC Chess

PC Chess in Grob's Attack.

Background of the site

Grob's Team, Links, Best and New games...etc.


16.3.2006 Added new game

16.2.2006 Added new interesting game Okland (1664) - Weber (2345), annotated by Sveinung Okland, thank you for sending it!

11.2.2006 Added 1056 games from years 2001-2002 into databases

1.2.2006 New match of match Shredder 9 - Rybka 1.0 beta 32bit


**** I beg for patience. Site is at all the time under construction and updated every month ! Thanks F. ***    Elo calkulator zde

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